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Super Animu Dream by Skythewolfdog9You Can't Contain Me (Speedpaint) by Skythewolfdog9
The Story You Don't Know (Video Download) by Skythewolfdog9Infected -Speedpaint- by Skythewolfdog9

All Mah Derpys

1. Regular Derpy
2. --Eyeless
3. --Wounded
4. --Infrared (Inner Regular Derpy (IR))
5. Mute
6. --Inner Mute
7. --Human Mute
8. --Human Inner Mute
9. --Snapped Mute
10. --Empty Inner Mute
11. --Eyeless Mute
12. --Eyeless Inner Mute
13. --Jack of Spades Mute
14. --Puppy Mute
15. --Puppy Inner Mute
16. --Angel Mute
17. --Angel Inner Mute
18. --Philophobic Mute
19. --Sun Chaser Mute
20. --Yang Yao (Deteioration!Inner Mute)
21. Deaf
22. Blind
23. Mech
24. Virus
25. --Snapped Virus
26. Super Uke
27. --Broken Uke
28. --Demon Uke
29. Angel
30. Inu
31. Derpyloid
32. Dream Caster
33. --Dreamy
34. --Snapped Dream Caster
35. --Demon Dream Caster
36. --Dream Jack of Spades
37. Nihon
38. PLAAF Officer
39. Soldier
40. Jack of Spades
41. --Psycho Jack of Spades
42. Punk
43. --Punk Jack of Spades
43. HetaOni
45. Schizophrenic
46. Dorpy
47. Pet Derpy
48. Abusive Derpy
49. Data Derpy
50. Hypnotist Derpy (HD)


Mr. Taxi
Glitched Virus
Inu Dream
"Crybaby" Dream







USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designSpanish lang3 by Faeth-design

Derpy x Skittles Stamp by Skythewolfdog9DreamChasing Stamp by Skythewolfdog9
LoveHunting Stamp by Skythewolfdog9RoyalLove Stamp by Skythewolfdog9


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Stuffs Because Yolo


"Can I be readded now? I'm ready to reenter society now warden, I'm a changed person, I swear." -Kiibun

"Crippling Debt. America's new character song." -Skythewolfdog9 (Cards Against Humanity card)


Commission info and To-do list


Commission Info:
One Character: 10 Points
2-4 Characters: 15 Points
5: 25 Points
6+: 35 Points
Backgrounds (any): 10 Points
Transparent Background/Shading: Free, just ask.


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Kitsunegirlforever Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
hey sky, how do u edit ur profile look so awesome, I don't know how to do mine ;3;
Skythewolfdog9 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well you have to know a bit about CSS. ;w;  And you need a Premium Membership for the custom boxes, although you can do this for the standard boxes you get with a normal membership (I personally find that a little harder though) c:……

Here are quite a few resources somebody made for people who want to decorate their profiles.
Kitsunegirlforever Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
ooooohhhhh dang that's a lot of stuff going around there, anyways thanks also I want to ask u two more question if it doesn't bothers u, how do u get membership and how can u make the awesome affects in the drawings u do??? I mean for me its freacking hard to draw in the computer, it takes me tones of times with just one drawing or two, cuz I want to also when coloring it the colors fading away and another color comes and the glow thing u do with the characters of hetalia in there eyes ;3; idk how to do neither of them! I used photo shot and paint but photo shot I only had it for 30 days a long time ago and paint idk how to do it there I've tried but failed, cuz drawing in hand is easy but in the computer is hard since I don't have the programs and equipment's I need.
Skythewolfdog9 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it is a lot. XD  It took me a couple of hours to make mine.

And to get a Premium Membership, you'd either have to buy one, or somebody generous enough would give you one.

For effects, it kinda depends on what you're asking about, because there are a lot of different methods I use...if you're just asking about the glowing eyes, it's pretty simple.  If you're using MS Paint though, I'm not sure if you'll be able to do it on there.  But first of all, I just make a new layer (over lineart) and use a soft brush to color over the eyes.  After that, I just lower to opacity. c:  It's not too hard.
(1 Reply)
FullmetalCellist Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist
Do you know if NomNom is okay? :c
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